RCT is a procedure to clean the damaged nerve or infection which has formed at the roots of the teeth and filling the tooth roots with biocompatible material to save a tooth.
The purpose of root canal therapy is to eliminate tooth pain and bring it back to its function.


Our Speciality

Single sitting painless root canal treatment with advanced technology in just single visit.

When you need Root Canal Therapy???

  • In case of Deep Cavities
  • In case of Fractured Tooth
  • In case of severe sensitivity to hot and cod
  • In case of Discoloration of a tooth
  • In case of Swelling

What happens after Root Canal Therapy???

Patient may feel some pain &/or Swelling for one or two days.
crown (cap) is needed on a root canal treated tooth because such tooth becomes so brittle that it can break even with the normal forces of mastication (chewing).